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Indian Name                : Adrak

Botanical Name           : Zingiber officinale

Family Name               : Roscoe Zingiberaceae


        Ginger has a long history in India where they used it in much kind of dishes and Ginger is not found in the wild, its origins are uncertain. It is likely to have originated from India as Ginger plants there show the most biological variability.

        Ginger is the herbaceous perennial belonging to Zingiberaceae family. Ginger of commerce usage is the dried rhizome of the plant which is used as a Spice. Serving as a rich appetizer and an effective drug, Ginger is widely known as one of the oldest spices. It is widely cultivated in India and is marketed as a dried spice.


         Ginger has been cultivated in India both as a fresh vegetable and marketed as a dried spice since time immemorial. Though grown all over India, the finest quality ginger comes from Kerala endowed as it is with a congenial climate and a rich earthy soil. Indian dry ginger is known in the world market as 'Cochin Ginger' (NUGC) & 'Calicut Ginger' (NUGK). India offers ginger in a variety of forms; oils, oleoresins, fresh ginger in brine, pickles, candies and syrups. It also comes in garbled/Ungarbled, bleached/unbleached and powder forms. India has a predominant position in ginger production and exports.


Forms of Ginger

          Ginger has peppery flavor and is slightly sweet having pungent and spicy aroma. Ginger comes in six forms which are used in different cuisines.


Fresh Ginger

       Fresh ginger comes in young and mature forms. Young Ginger has mild flavor and has a pale, thin skin that requires no peeling. The skin of mature ginger on the other hand is tough which requires peeling to get to the fibrous flesh. It is either chopped or grated before use.


Dried Ginger


    Dried Ginger is available in both whole fingers and slices. Before use it is soaked in recipe liquid.


Pickled Ginger


    This type of Ginger is usually pickled in sweet vinegar. It is colored pink or red.


Preserved Ginger

     Preserved Ginger is preserved in a sugar-salt mixture. It is used both in confection and desserts.


Crystallized Ginger

This type of Ginger is first cooked in sugar syrup and then sugar coated to obtain candied ginger.


Ground Ginger


   Ground Ginger is basically powdered Gingers that are used in various recopies.



  • Ginger is good for the respiratory system.
  • Ginger is good to fight against colds and flu.
  • Ginger offers substantial protection from stroke and heart attack because of its ability to prevent blood clotting.
  • Ginger, a multifaceted herb, is crucial in the battle against cardiovascular diseases.
  • Ginger relieves headaches and pains.
  • Ginger helps to clear sore throats.
  • Ginger is good for stomach upsets and indigestion.
  • Ginger is effective as a cleansing agent through the bowels, kidney and skin.


Dry Ginger Specification

                               Product Details

Product name                                                Dry Ginger

Genus/species                                               Zingiber officinale

Parts used                                                      Rhizomes

Grade                                                            Standard

Color and appearance                                   Yellowish Brown

Organoleptic characters                                Characteristic taste & aroma



                       Physio-Chemical Analysis


Extraneous matter (% w/w)                < 1

Moisture (% w/w) max                        5

Total ash (% w/w) max                        6

Water-soluble ash (% w/w)                 > 1.5

Alcohol-soluble extractive (% w/w)    >3

Water-soluble extractive (% w/w)       > 10

Acid insoluble ash (% w/w) max         2


                           Heavy Metals

Lead, max (ppm)                     5

Arsenic, max (ppm)                1


                     Microbial Profile

Total Plate Count, cfu/gm              < 1000

Yeast & Mould, cfu/gm                 < 100

Salmonella                                      Absent

E. coli                                             Absent


Other Details


Country Of Origin             : India
Sample Availablity           : Yes ( On request )
Port of Shipment             : Kochi Port or Thiruvananthapuram International AirPort 
Packing                            : PP or Jute Bags
Delivery Period                : With in 20 - 30 Days of LC Confirmation
Certification                     : ASTA or as required by the buyer
Minimum Order Quantity : 1 full 20 Feet Container

Maximum Supply Ability  : 2-3 Containers
FOB Price ( Kochi Port )   : On request
Price Validity                      : 2 - 3 Days
Payment Terms                : 100% Irrevocable LC

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